Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a necessary system in the modern day work environment.  No industrial building should be built without the expertise of an air conditioning contractor.

At Armour Mechanical we strive to design the most efficient, most comfortable, and of course, the most cost efficient commercial air conditioning system for our customers in Surrey, Langley, and all greater Vancouver.

One popular question clients ask is “which make of air conditioner should I get, and why“?
There are many factors that are considered when choosing the right air conditioning system to fit your environmental comfort needs. Cost is definitely a factor and taken into consideration, but the system you choose must to able to keep up with the area required to be serviced.  We will determine all factors: for price limit, efficiency, room space, and comfort level when helping you choose the unit to best suit your heating and cooling needs. Please note that not all makes/models can take care of specific needs and comfort levels. For that reason, we keep ourselves open to all suppliers and makes/models to maximize the quality and efficiency of our designs.

Call 604-543-5444 when you need an experienced Vancouver commercial air conditioning contractor or AC contractor in Surrey or Langley, for installation, maintenance, or ac repair services.

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